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Maltese Pork Sausage Seasoning 290 Gram

Maltese pork seasoning for an exotic, subtle flavour to sausage.
Another Award Winning sausage that proves you only deserves the best!
Happy Sausage Making

This sausage spice flavour originated from Malta, a small island country off the south coast of Italy. The Maltese Pork Sausage will give you the true subtle flavour of a Mediterrean Pork Sausage. It has the exotic subtle flavour that comes from this part of the world.

This is well worth trying if you are a pork lover.
To make this unique sausage:
Coarse mince once only through a 5 or 6mm plate lean boned out Pork 4 quarter.

Coarse mince once only through a 5 or 6 mm plate Pork.  Add Back Fat.

Add spice mix then chilled water.

Fill into hog casing and present as a "Round" to the traditional market or hand-link for the kiwi market.

To Cook: Fry gently or precook in warm water.

Suggested Usage Rate:
10Kg Lean Pork Minced (once only)
1.4Kg Pork Back Fat Minced (once only)
1.4Ltrs Chilled water
290gms Spice Mix

Seasoning Contains:
Salt, Spices & Herbs, Phospate (450), Antioxidant (316), Sodium sulphite (221).

Net Weight:

  • 290 grams


Gluten Free

Maltese Pork Sausage Seasoning 290 Gram

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