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Q. Do I need any special equipment?

A. Yes. A Kenwood Mixer with a mincer attachment 4-6mm mince plate and a sausage filler attachment. If you dont have a Mixer you can use a Food Processor and make skinless sausages.

Q. Do I need to measure accurately?

A. Yes. You will need a measuring cup and some digital scales (to weigh spice to meat ratio).

Q. Do I need to clean the mince between mixes?

A. No. As mince is run through the mincer only once with no spice. Add spice and water to mince in bowl and hand mix, then its ready. Then you can make patties, meatloaf, rissoles, skinless sausages or add to sausage filler to make traditonal sausage in a sausage skin.

Q. Is it cheaper to make my own?

A. Yes if you compare the meat content and flavours with the premade sausages available.

Q. Are your spices Gluten free?

A. Yes, many of our spices are gluten and allergy friendly.

Q. Are your spices Allergy friendly?

A. Yes many of our spices are allergy freindly and gluten free.

Q. Do any of your mixes contain dairy products?

A. No. We do not use dairy product in our mixes.  As the natural protein of fresh meat is wholesome, healthy and tastes better.

Q. Do you add protein?

A. No. No vegetable protein or soya protein. Fresh meat is wholesome, healthy and tastes better.

Q. Do you add artificial colours?

A. No. Not to any food spice we manufacture.

Q. Do your products contain any genetically modified material?

A. NO.

Q. How long have you  been making food ingredients?

A. We have been blending and manufacturing in house since 1952
Our recipes are traditional and promote healthy living.