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Bratwurst German Seasoning 430grm

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Bratwurst is an old traditional German pure pork or beef sausage that is normally grilled.

A pure flavoured sausage that is a coarse mix of spices, herbs and meats.

When a Bratwurst is sold as a pre-cook it is emulsified.

The sausage is normally consumed warm with potato salad and coleslaw and glass of lager beer

Suggested Usage Rate:
Use Beef or Pork
Add fat content 10%.
12Kg Total Meat & Fat
430gms Bratwurst Mix
2.5 Ltrs of Chilled Water

Seasoning Contains:
Salt,Spices&Herbs Dextrose, Sodium Sulphite (221), Antioxidant (316), Phosphate [450]

Net Weight:

  • 430 grms


Gluten Free

Bratwurst German Seasoning 430grm

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