SPM Universal Emulsifier 3Kg

Special Phosphate Mix (SPM) is designed for use in fresh, cooked sausage and smallgoods. Its designed to adjust the PH of your sausage mix. SPM is gentle on the meat as it will open up the glands to allow emulsification.

SPM immediately becomes soluble when it comes in contact with the moisture of the meat. SPM has a very low usage rate with a high performance tolerant spectrum.

If you want to see your sausage grow in size when cooked you will be amazed at how this product enhances the visual appearance. You will wonder why you have not used this SPM before!
In comparison other phosphate mixtures have high heat and lack solubility.

Give it the finger test now.

SPM is exclusively manufactured by Lewis Gray Limited.


Seasoning Contains:

Net Weight:

  • 3kg


Contains: Food Grade Phosphates

NB: This 3kg container will bind 3000 kgs of finished product

SPM Universal Emulsifier 3Kg

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